A Wireless 9 button Mouse for your PC?


Most of our mouse is only equips with 2 or 3 buttons for our daily usage, however if you really want  a fast way of getting things done, how about a 9 button mouse that has most frequent use  commands on finger tips? This ergonomics wireless 9 button mouse connects your PC or notebook via RF and has 256 ID Per channel to avoid interference.



The Ball Shape Scroll Wheel provides easy scrolling and the 800 dpi optical provides a precision movement. When not in use, the mouse is mount on th rechargeable Mouse cradle for charging. The buttons provides  Scroll Up / Down , Application Switch (= Alt + Caps Lock),  Scroll Wheel,  Previous Page / Next Page, Close (application),  Left and  Right click. It is priced at $29.99.

Source usbfever

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