Sanyo Unveils waterproof 52-inch LCD HD monitor

Sanyo CE52SR 52-inch LCD monitor is the latest LCD HD monitor that is suitable for outdoor environments thanks to marine-grade construction and an LCD that is legible in direct sunlight due to 1500 cd/m2 brightness.

The second-generation monitor is meant for commercial applications and will support 1080p HD (1920×1080) resolution and features a 6.5ms pixel response time suitable for fast movements in video. The 16:9 aspect ratio LCD panel’s housing is made of aluminum, with the display itself covered by anti-reflective, tamper-proof glass. Adverse weather conditions and dust are endured thanks to a ventilation system that does away with vent holes yet manages to keep the LCD cool.

The CE52SR1 can be daisy-chained with 24 others for a 5 by 5 array that will act as a movie theater-like screen displaying moving images from a single input signal. The monitor features a DVI-D input terminal along with a VGA, S-video and five pairs of component inputs. Sanyo’s optional PJ-Net Organizer allows the monitor’s settings to be controlled through a web browser. Sound is delivered via stereo mini-jack and two sets of RCAs each for input and output. The CE52SR1 is priced at $13,995 and will be available to the public this October.

Via electronista

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