Enable Two-Step Verification for Apple ID / iCloud

apple-logo-640-80Apple has officially rolled out a two-step verification for users who have an active Apple ID  for its iTunes, App Store and iCloud. The two-step verification is a process to make unauthorized access to someone else’s Apple ID.  Whenever a new purchase or logging into the ID on a new device will trigger an authentication process that requests for the one-time password that will be sent to your phone/iOS device.

The two-step verification is not a mandatory for all Apple’s customers. Currently it is only available in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Enabling the additional security is relatively straight-forward, so check out the steps below to get up and running with an existing Apple ID.

Step 1: Select the Manage your Apple ID from My Apple ID page. Log-in with the correct credentials of the Apple ID for which you want to enable two-step authentication.

Step 2: Select the Password & Security option from the resulting left hand menu, under the heading Two-Step Verification, select Get Started.

Step 3: The next stage explains about the verification process. The information from Apple essentially states that the verification process involves the user having to identify themselves through the use of an iOS device in the future. It also explains that the process will generate a recovery key to allow us to access the account in the future. Select Continue to proceed.

Step 4: More information follows on the next screen. Select Continue again to proceed.

Step 5: The final ‘Warning’ message is then displayed. Select the Get Started option to continue with the process.

Step 6: When the process has officially begun, we will need to add a device – or multiple devices – to the account and then grant permission for that device to receive the four-digit code that is required for access. Select the device you want to verify from the list.

Note: You can also add a device to the list which are associated with a phone number and are capable of receiving an SMS. This option will grant you the perk of receiving the verification code via SMS.

Step 7: A verification code will then be sent to you on your iOS device, enter this code on the two-step verification website to complete the verification process.

Step 8: You will now be presented with a Recovery Key, it’s a good idea to print it or take an image of it and store it in a safe place. Press Continue.

Step 9: This step involves the confirmation of the recovery key, type the recovery key you received in step 8. Hit Confirm, and agree to Apple’s terms and conditions and click on Enable Two-Step Verification.

That’s it, the two-step verification is now enabled for your Apple ID.

Source: Redmond Pie

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