Nokia N79 & N85 Smartphones

Nokia unveiled two new Nseries smartphones. The N85 as flagship appears set to replace the N81 and upgrades the camera from 2- to 5-megapixels, also adding GPS both for mapping and for geotagging shots. It also switches to a 2.6-inch AMOLED screen that should supply richer color and as much as 28 hours of music playback on a single charge.

Like the N81, the N85 slider is considered an N-Gage friendly phone and has controls suited to playing games from Nokia service in landscape view. Music is also an emphasis. Internet access is supplied either through HSDPA-based 3G or through Wi-Fi.

The N79 in turn replaces the N78 and upgrades the camera from 3.2 to 5-megapixels.  It also using a dual-LED based flash. Nokia is marketing the device as a fashion phone with swappable back covers that change the look to reflect its owner’s tastes. The candybar design also has the full 3G, GPS, and Wi-Fi feature set and lasts for up to 24 hours of music. A 4GB microSD card gives it more storage than the earlier handset.

Nokia plans a quick release and should make both the N79 and N85 available in the UK as of next month. Releases for Europe and other areas are likely to vary.

Via Electronista

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