Creative Vado Pocket Video Camera

Creative launched the Vado pocket video camera, that promises an improvement on the concept of an ultra-simple, YouTube-oriented video recorder with a design it says is both thinner and lighter than its rival and gives the camera 2GB of built-in flash memory.

The Creative Vado can lasts up to two hours of recording time at its native 640×480 resolution. Built-in software can help streamline uploads either to YouTube or Photobucket, though the use of MPEG-4 allows common video editing software to edit captured footage.

Like the Flip, the Vado has no optical zoom and eschews the need for separate cables, hooking up to a computer through a swivel-out USB connector that also recharges the camera. The video camera is also one of Creative’s few explicitly Mac-compatible offerings and works with any Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later system as well as Windows PCs.

Creative Vado is available in pink or silver at $100, with options for a carrying case ($15), extra battery packs ($15), a charging cradle ($30), and an AV-out cable ($10).

Source: Creative Product Page Via Electronista

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