Samsung Releases Spinpoint M6 2.5″ 320GB Hard Drive


Samsung Spinpoint M6 HM320JI is the latest 2.5″ SATA hard disk drive featuring 320GB of storage capacity. It allows you to store videos, photos, music and multiple multimedia applications. The M6 features a Free-Fall Sensor that protects data from accidental drops and includes an optional Rotary Vibration Controller that minimizes the influence of external vibration. It provides 5,400rpm spindle speed, 1.5Gbps SATA interface and 8MB cache memory.

“As 2.5″ hard drives move further beyond traditional notebook PCs and into more consumer electronics and enterprise applications, we have the storage solutions and higher capacity drives to meet all the needs of businesses and consumers,” said Andy Higginbotham, director of hard drive sales and marketing, Samsung Semiconductor. “With its massive 320GB capacity, the Spinpoint M6 can store 91,000 digital images, 100-hours of DVD movies, and 38-hours of HD movies.” The M6 Series is priced at $249.

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